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ADHD is either genetic, created by a head injury/trauma or born prematurely–at least, those are the major reasons that someone has ADHD. My brain & my mom’s are almost identical & our area of under-activity in the PFC pole are exactly the same. Her’s gets better with concentration & mine does not–I also have underactivity in a temporal lobe, which she does not. Both of are brains are INSANELY active—-lots of bloodflow. Almost, “ring of fire” adhd type, according to Dr. Amen. You should look at all the 7 types on his website.

Wellbutrin has been a common medicine to help people with ADHD. It’s a very popular medicine, but it’s possible he’d need a combination therapy to fully treat the spectrum of what he’s dealing with. If you haven’t seen your brain in a SPECT scan (I know I sound like a broken record), you’re really just guessing & doing trial by error.

Upon “google” inspection:
IR up to 100
sustained release up to 200mg
extended release that goes all the way to 150/174/300/348/522 mgs

Dang, didn’t know it went that high.

Although a stimulant is not an anti-depressant, it really has helped me with my self confidence & really unleash my full potential—this in turn has led to let “situational” depression or overall bad feelings about myself/performance.

ADHD also has a dopamine problem, so w/stimulants I def don’t feel as apathetic and procrastination-prone. We tend to take up that dopamine too quickly & stimulants allow it to “bounce” around before getting re-uptake—so we can actually experience the “reward” system regular neuro-types feel when they: finish their work, do the dishes, complete a task.

I hope this was helpful. I found myself doing the same thing w/my husband, but he does not respond well to stimulants (even low doses). The little bit of caffeine seems to be all the stimulant he can handle. We are going to get a spect scan before we do anything medication-wise.

Last thing I will say, is Wellbutrin–according to the reviews, has the least side effects of any SSRI (ie sexual dysfunction, weight gain, digestive issues)….I guess that’s why it’s so popular. I took it about 13yrs ago solo before my scan & on whatever does I was, it seems to treat my adhd pretty well.