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I did not do well w/Lamictal either. It’s an older anti-siezer/antidepresant. After a huge family crisis, the therapist had everyone in our family on it. I was not a fan.
It’s really annoying that they are not doing their job by making sure it doesn’t hurt your kidneys. Good thing you didn’t take it!

I’ve never heard of a “medication mgr.” Sounds like an extra set of red tape/inefficiency.

Here in Texas, you see a psychiatrist or nurse practioner (this is what I see at a psychiatrist’s office). Having to deal w/two people sounds really frustrating.

I call it the drive-thru of medicine. They don’t read the chart & treat the individual—they just fly by the seat of their pants & if they are negligible in their job, it could potentially hurt/kill you. I really dislike that I have to be my own healthcare advocate & tripple check everything they do.
Everytime I see my nurse practioner….she asks, “How’s the adderall working.” And I GO: “It’s actually not Adderall, it’s dextro-amphetamine & that’s different. Brand name would be dexedrine or zenzedi.”

Maybe the medication mgr is an extra layer of protection for the pcp since adhd are stimulants. I’ve had pcp’s directly prescribe & some were better than psychiatrists.
If you have bcbs, I’d hop on the website & search for psychiatrists and pull up the formulary (even print to prove those meds are covered). I’ve had so many people tell me what my plan covers (dr’s included) and be WRONG—costing me extra time/effort.

I’ve straight up told dr’s—no that medication doesn’t work for me. These medications do work, I’m not interested in trying something new.

I’ve noticed there’s two types in prescribing meds…the ones who are open & listen to what I want and the ones who are closed/think they know better.

I hope you get this all sorted—WHAT a major pain!