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I love GoodRx. I have blue cross as insurance, for the most part, my insurance will civer the medication and GoodRx will allow me to get those that insurance co pay is prohibitive. But even with my primary care, there are on,t two medications that my kidneys and other medications will allow me to take. Those are ritalin or adderall. And i feel like these medication managers are not listening to what my primary care and the manufacturer warnings are saying!. My big thing is these doctors. I dont know if its a state thing (TN) or what, but here i see a psychiatrist for my theraoy, but i have to see a medication manager for the actual prescriptions. Since posting this i went to see the new medication manager and this time they gave me latruda. I spoke with ny PCP, and had i have taken the Latruda id probably not have lived a eedk due to kidney strain/failure and toxicity reaction with another medication. He also suggested i try again, Lamictal, whuch the first time i was taking Lamictal, i was homicidal/suicidal within 10 days.

One is a doctor with Vanderbilt medical center. The other is a hughly reputable private practice. You would think That with a hospital network like that, they would have their stuff together!

Does anyine ekse have to deal with a “medication manager” or is this a TN thing only?

I just dont get it!

Ive never abused a drug in my life and yet i feel as if im being used as a guinea pig instead of receiving the treatment i need.

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