Reply To: Diagnostic Procedures

Dr. Eric

Amen’s books may be a good personal reference, I am not sure how convincing it would be to discuss with this MD. Amen can be a divisive person in the medical/clinical community. If a practitioner is not swayed by peer-reviewed research, I doubt a book from Amen is going to be more persuasive.

He and his clinic are local to me. Although I am not a fan of his cost and infomercial-style marketing, I have had few issues with him or his clinic. Their reports are as useful, but not really better, as any quality neuropsych’s. They also provide a milieu of supports from evidenced-based to emerging/cutting-edge to some that are not supported/contradicted by evidence (this is where my peers tend to not be a fan).

They have also been a good partner to me when I have consulted with them.

I do get frustrated when I have a parent who is convinced that he is the only one that can help them or crying out of guilt when they cannot afford their comprehensive line of supplements when, for the same money, they can pay for similar supplements + cognitive behavior therapy from a decent provider.