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Thank you for the response. I have never told anybody about it. I do not like to ask for help and I am bad showing my emotion. I learned how to hide my issues and make people think I am good. Indeed, in school teacher believed I was a good student because I was/am a shy person. I made my way of how getting good grades, in many cases, I made few people believe that I was a “genius” no because I wanted but because I knew/know what many people are looking to.

I have an appointment the next week and I am very nervous because it will last almost five hours and I do not know what to expect. I am not good asking for help since I have been alone with this since I have memory. The whole idea of showing a person my world scares me. I hope this test find out what is inside of me and discover things I know I will protect during that exam. I know how I am and I am praying to break that shell.