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Simon Help

Hello Skypark962,

I got to praise you for not keeping friendship with two toxic people from your examples. You have a strong head on your shoulders! From what I read on your other posts, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you.

As an adult in my late twenties, I noticed that a lot of adults of my age are spending the majority of their free time with their partner so it’s a tiny bit difficult to develop a real connection. That being said I’m well aware that I didn’t really do a lot to find friends. I’m 100% certain that I would find friends by taking drawing courses or being part of a reading clubs.

I’m also 100% certain that, after you’ll break the barrier you mentioned, you’ll gain more success when it comes to finding the right people for you. Don’t give up! Sometimes, it takes a bunch of tries and failures to achieve our goals.

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