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I hear ya, I’ve gotten rid of my fb for about a year, but I guess that’s how people communicate these days. I also feel “in between” generations. I don’t relate to generation x, but I don’t relate to millenials either.

I was born in 1985, but my dad would’ve been 76 and my mom is 68. My husband has the same sitch w/his parents age. The internet didn’t come out until I was 12, so I feel like I remember a time before it & has much deeper connections and physically spent time with people. I don’t feel like people in my generation value/appreciate the same things I do & I don’t feel I’m expected too much for them “to act right.” I get annoyed when people are fake or try to hard. Just be yourself, you know? This is real life, not an instagram story or youtube video.

Full transparency, I am extremely independent and can come off intimidating/intense. This is fine in a crowd, but I think sometimes I def have a wall up. It’s hard bc the two times in the past yrs I’ve tried to make friends w/females THIS happened:

On FB, she asked me for money…this is what she literally asked. “Can I borrow money to pay my rent so I don’t kill myself.” Being a survivor of suicide—this REALLY pissed me off. I’d talked to her maybe 5 times, ever. I’m not someone to come to for suicide, you either decide to live or you don’t, I don’t feel that is my place to talk someone off the ledge—they have to decide whether they want to be apart of this world–I can’t do it for them.

Girl#2 I had a client take me home from a bar down the st. I thought it’d be safer than to walk at night. She ran the light & got pulled over into the parking lot. I told the cops, that was my garage apt right there (could hit it w/a tennis ball) & that I didn’t know this person super well–I color her hair. WELL, this girl–who was 50, so I should say WOMAN…had a mixed bottle of pills not labeled (adderall, painkillers etc) which he informed her was felony all by itself, a weed pipe—all of which I didn’t know. And this gets better….when the cops searched her vehicle, she tells me there’s an open bottle of booze & then she asked me to say it was mine. How messed up is that?!? I turned to her & said, “You don’t know me very well, I’m not going to do that. You better not lie to these cops, bc they’re going to know you are.” OH, it gets better.

She gets back in the car & while the police are there, she throws her weed pipe out of the car. The cop knocks on her window & says, “I don’t care what you do w/that, but you can’t dispose of it in a parking lot.”

Part of me really wishes they had arrested her. It’s the only way people who are spinning out of control learn, but maybe I would’ve been arrested w/guilt by association. I don’t really know. I just learned from these events, that becoming friends before getting to really know someone can really put your life in danger and is scary.