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I literally passed my quals and got diagnosed 3 months later because I had such anxiety about making progress on my own research! How’s that for a typical high-achieving female diagnosis story for ya?

It is now 6 months after my diagnosis and I’m still struggling to make progress. I am not only working full-time off-campus in a salaried position (read 50+ hours per week), but also completing another professional certificate at another university, and I have applied to a part-time law school for the fall. I’m afraid that my PhD topic no longer interests me because of the pressure I’ve placed on myself to get here. However, I’m angry that I would have let myself waste almost 10 years worth of higher education in an concentration where I would not just finish the last and ultimate gosh darn degree already.

A fellow student who recently graduated once told me that “the best dissertation in the world is the one that is FINISHED”, but oh how hard it is to simply get there.