Reply To: Medication


Hi Nathalie,

In 2015 I went to a clinic and had the doctor give me an exam for ADHD. I never really had a problem in school more so I had problems in social settings. My anxiety would deter me from talking or even relaxing. There came a point where my grades started to slip and the doctor recommended I try Concerta which was an extended release pill in the mornings and in the afternoon he recommended I take Ritalin which was an instant release. I was getting three month scripts and I experienced similar relaxed feelings and I would yawn a lot as if I was tired but I could not sleep. Maybe this is the same feelings that you get. Present time I no longer like taking the medications and my doctor still refills my script I just choose not to get it. Cannabis oil has been more effective without interfering with my lifestyle. I micro dose tinctures throughout the day and it has brought me a better quality of life.