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I struggle with this too. I don’t have any friends either.
My mom is my best friend & we talk nearly everyday. My husband is also my best friend. But, I get you…’s not quite the same. It feels like it’s harder to get to know someone nowadays or bc I’m ADHD/ASD, maybe I can come off a bit intense.
People see me socialize & think I have alot of friends bc I have alot of acquaintances—but that’s simply not true.

I’ve also run into BIG problems, when I did not screen the person well enough or I thought they were a quality person—when they indeed were not.

I wish I knew what the answer was. I go to University online, so I’m not around college kids. But, just thinking about social pressures gives me anxiety—people can be so “clicky.” I joined this forum in hopes of making friends w/more likeminded/similar people.