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Thank you for sharing how you take yours. My biggest thing, is that when I take in the morning–I HAVE to have coffee to get the ole’ digestive system going & with waiting after the thyroid—-gosh, I have to be up 3 hrs before I go anywhere….that’s why I toggle taking it mid-afternoon again.

No interactions—in fact, the stimulant works much better now that my hormones are regulated.
Do you like the synthetic form of hormones? I’ve heard mixed reviews. The only reason I’m on this one, is my mom has taken thyroid meds for a looong time & tried almost everyone. She said levothyroxine didn’t do anything for her, so I figured we are similar & I do the NP Thyroid.

I’ve taken ritalin before, so this does help. I’ve never had good luck taking the medicine close to food, for me it seems to metabolize too soon.

I asked the doc to start slowly, bc I’ve seen people that have “shocked” their body too fast & gone through hair shedding/loss—which DID not interest me lol. I started at 15mg & now I’m about to start 90mg.

BUT gosh, if I haven’t lost 40lbs & finally!

I’ve been told you have to wait an hour before any food or coffee.