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I’d say #1 talk to your doctor. She/he is there to help you, and if you don’t feel comfortable with them, i know it’s a pain, but try to find a PCPhysician that you do feel comfortable with. I too just changed doctors, i was on ritalin, he suggested adderall and i tried it and it works just fine for me.

#2 you can ask the pharmacy, in person, to fill your prescription with certain manufacturers and avoid others… i believe they will put it in your profile. I asked for Sandoz and Teva as a primary option and no Aurobindo, and maybe i should add no Northstar. the Pharmacist assistant told me they stock multiple brands, so chances are if you can’t get the manufacturer you want you might be able to get an acceptable substitute.

#3. maybe try a different medication? that’s definitely something to talk to your doc about.

good luck