Reply To: Adderall IR vs. Extended release?


I’m currently 16- I was diagnosed last spring and got prescribed non-stimulant meds immediately, then adderall shortly after, then vyvanse (an extended release med) later and I’ve been on it since.
1. I’m going to physically fight your pharmacist for giving you crap about taking ADHD meds.
2. I’m not a doctor ofc, but I’ve found that extended release works sooo much better for me. I’m taking 30 mg of vyvanse and it lasts 8-12 hours, usually around 8-10 for me. It just works longer, and I take my medicine at 6 AM, so I need it to work longer lol. A newer medicine called mydayis is a 3-time extended release (vyvanse is a 2-time one) and while it releases less medicine at a time it lasts closer to 10-12 hours for me, and that might help if you’re staying up late for college/work (plus, since it’s new, they’re giving away coupons and I got a really cool planner with coloring pages and a mood tracker from them ;P )
I hope that helps some!!