Reply To: Affraid to Pursue treatment.


Hi Wilschr10!

I thought there was a private messaging system here but I guess not! I’m happy just to chat here if you like?

I haven’t found that the ADHD meds have affected my personality, which is good, as that’s something that’s put me off taking antidepressants in the past. I’m a bit similar in that I don’t like to be chemically dependant on things, however I’m very scientific minded so I’m happy to take medication which is proven and I can research myself. One thing that rested my mind about this was that my doctor said I didn’t have to take the meds every day, but rather just on “work” days so I don’t get dependent.

I’m currently studying on a PhD programme, and to get to this point has been a constant struggle, so I really don’t believe I can go any further without extra help. I don’t know if you’ve had a similar experience, as I know ADHD symptoms can sometimes be beneficial, especially in creative industries, so perhaps it may feel as though you’re coping depending on your job/occupation? I guess you need to consider what you “need” the meds for. If like me, you feel like you’ve hit a wall, then I’d say absolutely go for it. If you think maybe the drugs would hinder you in some way, perhaps not. But do bear in mind that you can stop taking them and things will return to normal!