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Hi MyGirlG,

I’m glad you’ve decided to let her give it a try! Very good decision, really.

I am a mom to an 11-year old girl who very likely has combined type ADHD just like me. I was diagnosed only a few weeks ago, and I’m 35. She is on the wait list at Columbia University Medical Center, where i currently am a patient, to see the ADHD experts, so we have to wait about another 4-5 months for her to get evaluated and tested.

I would have LOVED the chance to try medications when I was a teen. But my family is really old school, not from “Western civilization,” and therefore don’t take mental health/neurobiological issues seriously. Plus I didn’t know why I was struggling so much. So I suffered a great deal as a child, teen and young adult.

Almost all teens go through a lot of difficult stages in their lives for various reasons, obviously, but those with ADHD and mental health issues and/or other neurobiological issues face extra challenges. It’s really painful and isolating, and by the time untreated children reach adulthood, things seem completely out of hand, hopeless. Everything is a disaster.

It’s great that you are giving her the chance to see what it is like to fully LIVE with ADD, not just survive and cope. She clearly knows what she wants and needs, and her instincts are telling her that if she is given just a little extra help in the form of medication, with the things she has already accomplished and the love and support she’s already getting from her family, she’ll really thrive.

Good luck and I hope she finds the medication(s) that work best for her. Sometimes it can be slightly frustrating trial and error, but sometimes you get lucky and find the one that works wonderfully right away.