Reply To: Handling other parents


Being a teacher (special Need kids) and parent of an ADHD/I Son… I would ask the teacher how he/she feels about you taking the time to talk/write to the other parents.

If I was the parent of the child being pushed, I would really like to understand and be reassured that the other parent is doing the best they can to stop that behavior. And yes, the triggers to «start» your son are REALLY an imortant issue to address with the other kids. Once they know what makes your son react, children and teens are often prone to «press» them just to add some action to their day… yeah I know…stupid!

I would speak up at a class gathering or write an email explaining ADHD and welcoming questions about it. Always CC the teacher on the emails so nothing gets out of hand.
The most important things to remember is that parents just want everything to be fair amongst the children. The consequences given to each must be fair and help resolve that problem.

Communication and comprehension can go a long way in changing behaviors and reactions to them. If you keep the communication open, it will help everybody cope and learn. After all, this will not be the last time their children meet and ADHD kid! They have to learn about it.

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