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Hi. This is my 1st post as well, and happy
To have found this forum. It’s a long one! For background, I’ve recently turned 60 with add/anxiety, very successful 35 yr old add daughter, n 19 son high functioning on the autism spectrum.
This is my sincere n heartfelt advice to any parent with similar family dynamics. Your relatives suicide has nothing whatsoever to do w your 15 daughter. True, some people have had
Suicidal thoughts on new meds n I am sorry for your loss.
ADD medication IS NOT the same as what your relative was taking. ADD meds would cause someone who does not have, ADD to become hyper
Or jittery, but for those of us w ADD, these stimulant medications don’t affect us the same as neurotypicals n truly make our brains function BETTER. If you can imagine, it’s like a fog has been lifted and you can focus on ONE thing. Of course, everyone is different and in no way am I trying to speak for others experiences.
My suggestion is that you find a good psychiatrist. These Drs understand so much about
Brain chemistry, and how n why we can be helped with medication. Ask around. Find reviews. Be sure you feel the psychiatrist ‘gets’ your daughter. Someone successful in treating ADD.
There’s NOTHING wrong w taking medication that’s been prescribed FOR YEARS for your daughters diagnosis. As a comparison, if your daughter suffered from any other medical condition that affected her daily life, for example if she had asthma, or diabetes, I doubt you would hesitate
even a moment, to get her medication. I would imagine if she had to BEG for medicine in those circumstances… I’m sure you see my point. Brains are organs in human bodies the same as hearts or kidneys or any other thing that makes us people.
I wish you had explained further your ‘going off’ at the school, and what consequences if any, resulted from that.
The way you described your family showed love and care n wanting the best for your daughter and that’s commendable.
Find her a psychiatrist who can explain what solutions may help her mental health needs. Prescribing ADD meds requires vigilant monitoring, as a controlled substance. This fact, hopefully will ease your fears.
I wish all the best for you and your family. I hope your daughter can persuade you to take her to a psychiatrist, SOON!
I’ve typed this on a phone n hopefully it translates.
Good Luck!