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I can’t talk about my kids but I can talk about myself. I’m 59. For nearly 6 decades I always felt like the odd one. I, too, do not have hyperactivity. But the comments from teachers and students left a scar. A year ago I found out I could be ADD only because in a fit of frustration I accidentally tripped onto a list of characteristics that described me quite well. It took a year to find someone that would help. I’ve been on medication for 3 weeks and I can do things that I couldn’t even imagine a month ago. I did the meditation and yoga, I had to exercise or else I would have killed someone. Fight or flight was who I was. I don’t eat crappy food because it makes me sick. So I did all that stuff and it still didn’t make that big a difference. I will add that after 59 years I have a lot of bad habits. One thing I can tell is that I might finally start being the person I always thought I should be. That has been my hope my entire life. When I was in fifth grade and the teacher stood me up in front of the class and ridiculed me all I had was hope. When the high school teachers all wrote “If only Matt would apply himself …” all I had was hope. When I couldn’t hold a job all I could do was hope that one day I’d figure out why I struggled so much. Now, just maybe, that hope has paid off. My career is over but not the time I spend with my kids or my wife. In the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed being with my family when I used to just want to run away whenever they had fun.

As for your daughter, yes, there are risks. But it’s not like all the drugs out there are experimental. They’ve been studied for a long time. What you can do is understand those risks. Be a mom and look out for those issues. At the same time, give your daughter a chance to be who she is. Yes, it’s a risk, but you can minimize it. Face it, in 3 years your daughter will be old enough to do this without you. Help her now and do it right.

I truly wish you the best of luck.