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Please let her try the meds. I went undiagnosed until after college (was a bright well-behaved girl too, so no one suspected ADD). I had a really rough go at both high school and college. It was stressful and overwhelming, and I couldn’t quite figure out why everything was so much more difficult for me and why I couldn’t “just apply myself”. My parents were always disappointed at me and ugh… I felt like a fraud – everyone around me thought I was smart, but that it was all a facade over my secret stupidity and innate incurable laziness. If I had known Ritalin could have helped me back then, I would have begged for it too.

Supplements and meditation only help so much – they don’t correct the ADHD brain’s defective dopamine circuitry like the meds do.

The meds changed my life, even though they came too late to help me in school. Without them I would probably still be wallowing around at some crap job, squandering everything I learned in school, and paying the bills late.

Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) is an old proven drug, on the market decades longer than modern antidepressants. It’s been studied exhaustively, and it’s very safe and effective. Furthermore, it’s different from antidepressants in that it doesn’t stick around in your system – it’s gone by the end of the day. I started taking an antidepressant recently for SAD and I was warier about it than I was about the methylphenidate, to be honest. And even these stimulant meds did “change” me, I’d welcome it with open arms because they change me into a motivated, functional person. I hated being addled and dysfunctional, and I bet your daughter hates it too. It seriously sucks.