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Wow lots of great suggestions, I’ll have to look into the putty because it made me remember, I was always squishing and kneading my kneadable eraser in mechanical drawing in high school and art class in college.
As for gum, candies, lozenges and mints, I used to always have them handy, but I’ve developed an allergie to anything that contains ingredients made from corn, it also makes everyday meals a challenge, meaning no fast food, if I stop at a restaurant I have to interrogate them on what ingredients they use, So I haven’t found any candies at my local store yet, I might have to make my own, it really sucks because now if I go anywhere, I have to keep some safe food or snacks in my purse, just in case I’m too far from home or can’t find a store with a decent selection of health foods (even those I have to read the ingredients thoroughly)
My store started carrying a different brand of orange juice, so now I have a supply of cheap fidgets that I used to get till some of the plastic jug manufacturers changed the lock/tamper seals.
I turn them inside out put it over my first three fingers then hook my thumbnail in the teeth and work it similar to a rosary.