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Find a way to leave your parents.
Before you do, ask yourself if you can live a lifestyle clean of other drugs. Realistically speaking, ask yourself if you can live a lifestyle free from addiction.
I had dabbled in other unfavorable drugs prior to being prescribed my meds, but I did so to counteract my depression and anxiety. Hell, when I couldn’t even find drugs, I drank like a sailor! However, since I began therapy and I began to experiment with different stims and antidepressants with my psych’s supervision, I haven’t had much of a need to do drugs, outside of the occasional toke to stem down my evening anxiety. Today, I have a solid medication regime that includes Vyvanse.

It was actually funny. When my ex left me a year ago, I felt like using again. I realized that my psych at the time, was garbage.

I found a new one shortly after and started dating someone else, who left me while I was experimenting with stims. It turns out that I was taking too much. Literally a 10mg difference.
I couldn’t feel depressed about the breakup. In fact, I moved on ridiculously quickly because my combination of meds and therapy made me think… normally.
All this to say that you need to take a step back and ask yourself why. “Why did I start using drugs in the first place? If I use stims, will I relapse?” Talk to a therapist and most importantly: MOVE OUT!!! If your parents stand between you and recovery, push them aside!
I lived my whole life (I’m 29) without therapy or meds and I grew up feeling like a screwup. I hated myself, my family, and friends. It turns out my mother didn’t agree with mental issues as a whole and treated me like trash. I didn’t seek help because of this and well, let’s just say that after 27 years of abuse, I have a ton to unpack.

Don’t let your family stop your progress.

Find a job, save up, move out.