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Good for you for seeking help. I have three kiddos with ADHD, so I understand the dilemma. I’d start by having your parents join you in a session with your therapist and have him/her explain his reasoning for putting you on a stimulant. I’d also check with the psychiatrist to determine whether he suspects a comorbid diagnosis. For example, people with bipolar need to be very careful with stimulants as they trigger mania. Also, stimulants trigger anxiety in people who have anxiety. There are work arounds to both, but you need a psychiatrist who’s familiar with both conditions. I’d talk to your therapist about being completely transparent with your parents. As a mom, I get worrying about substance abuse. That’s probably more frightening to them than you dealing with ADHD. They probably need more information about how debilitating ADHD can be. It sounds like they may be more willing to hear this from a specialist. By being transparent, you’ll (hopefully) open the door of communication. Also, you could approach them by bargaining (be sure to involve your therapist in this). Tell them you’ll submit to regular drug tests (assuming your willing to give up pot) and/or offer to have them hold and distribute your stimulant meds (they could keep it in a lock box). Also, the drug Concerta (methylphenidate) can be obtained in patch form (Daytrana) and eliminates the rebound effect. It also has the benefit that you can apply it later in the day and removed 3 hours before bed. With the therapist, you can let them know that your goal is to eventually move out and live on your own. You’d like to work toward finding effective treatment for your ADHD and would rather do that while your home and have their support.

Hope that helps. Don’t give up! In the meantime, you could look into supplements (fish oil, etc.) and exercise, as both should help. This website has info on supplements. God bless!