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We are living a similiar story. My 22yr old son dropped out of college just before failing out. Shortly after, he fell asleep at the wheel (because he doesn’t sleep at night) and totalled his car. (Thank God he did not get killed.) He moved home where his father got him a high paying job in construction (he does not want to work at a desk). At that point, he was also diagnosed with ADHD and put on Adderall. He bought himself a car and a cell phone. Other than that, his goal was to save as much money as possible and move back to the college town where his friends were in their final year. He did that, did not get a job and, in 3 months, used up all the money he saved. He began doing deliveries for companies like DoorDash and UberEats. One of the problems is that he is not making enough money to cover his bills. He can’t or won’t get a “regular” job with a set schedule and regular paycheck. As far as I can tell,he stays up all night and sleeps most of the day. Based on his weight and how he is when he comes home, he barely eats. He doesn’t really tell us how things are, what’s going on, etc. I think because he is afraid we will try to tell him what to do. He and I had a really good discussion a couple of months ago about how to save money during the month so he can pay his bills but nothing changed. I have offered to help with organization, etc but he says he will let me know if he needs it. Do you have any suggestions for ways I can actually help him?