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Several of the suggestions are great! Chewing on something else (gum, jerky, fruit leather, peachie Os, popcorn, etc), I also like mints – especially Altoids. The flavor blast helps me focus. The problem with food, is that the calories add up. Blowing bubbles with gum is a great one for oral input, but you have to pay attention to where you’re at, as it might be inappropriate at times. The drinking from a straw is great too, especially if the liquid is thicker. Sometimes even applesauce thru a straw, it gives lots of input and is a great snack. Sometimes doing oral motor exercises can be calming.

Other hand fidgets, I do love the spinner rings (I wear them on my thumbs). Another office favorite, is a simple jumbo paperclip. I flex it back and forth between my fingers and is not distracting as it does not make any noise. I’ve also used other types of clips including the butterfly clips and binder clips. And there’s always a stress ball, or Koosh, or squishy. Other items I’ve used: flat smooth stone, large button, cotton pompom, pipecleaner, wikki sticks, glass stones/beads, wooden beads. I’ve also made some calming water bottles filled with water, artificial snow (or diaper fluff) along with glitter, confetti, sequins, oils, water balls, metallic streamers. I’ve also put the same ingredients into food saver bags for a portable fidget. Sometimes, I use a weighted item in my lap while sitting, while other times, I work standing. Changing position sometimes helps.