Reply To: School Wants to Downgrade from IEP to 504


This is not a direct answer to your question, but hopefully helpful given the behavior and emotional issues your son has had.
We found the book, Finally Focused, as truly a key part of helping our son. It’s written by a psychiatrist who feels that kids with ADHD, etc. need key supplements to nourish the brain. It goes far beyond “focusing” to improving brain health. It’s the first time I felt that someone could see my kid. (we found it thru this site because the author, Dr. James Greenblatt, did a webinar here).
I sped thru the book and started my son on the recommended supplements as a daily regime (that are all scientifically based). After the first few weeks there were clear positive changes. Now it’s been 4 months and both his teachers and us as a family have noticed marked changes in behavior, mood, self-regulation, peer interactions, etc.
We also added in OT which has been better than counseling because it allows him to move and learn tools for self-regulation (away from school so peers don’t see him).
Take good care of yourselves:)