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you’re not alone with this! I started medication literally 2 weeks ago and am still in the phase of researching complementary natural remedies…. I’m 32. When starting the process for diagnosis I went through unbelievable depression. How much I had “wasted,” how late in life I am starting to learn to work with my brain instead of against it. All the time I couldn’t figure out “what was wrong with me” and felt like I could be so much more but couldn’t figure out how. It’s devastating. And you’re right – SO much anger. I was diagnosed as a child, but then a different doctor disagreed and my treatment ended., diagnosis forgotten. I literally had the key to living differently in my (well, someone’s) hands, and truly did not live as I should have been for my whole life.

It’s very inspiring to hear that you went through the same emotions and are now feeling some positives in it. I’m so glad the benefits started to show themselves to you and hope they continue! I am not usually a very social person, but I’m feeling a bit alone in this so if you’re willing, I would love to hear some more updates on your process of rebuilding the way you think about yourself, getting through the grieving process, how you’ve coped with bad days and moved on, etc.

And beating alcohol addiction… wow, that shows incredible strength and change. Congratulations, seriously.