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Thanks for being so brave and working this through. You show great maturity and your an inspiration. I’m exactly like your parents. Your request to “try and judge by the fruit” is spot on. I didn’t do that. If my kids had used biblical references such as judging by the fruit and not just going by my unfounded, uninformed beliefs my daughter would have received meds years earlier. She had the same fight as you. I recently looked up the drug she is taking by “by answe” and the reviewed the side effects. Not sure if your parents should read the reviews but you should. The drug gets 4 out of 5 stars, even though the side effects are real and most likely to manifest, because the problems the drugs solves leaves the patient with HOPE. That’s huge. To fall into despair is a terrible pit. My daughter is getting A’s now, as predicted, misses lots of days at school as predicted etc. All in all I couldn’t be more relieved. I would rather work w her to manage the side effects than see her fall by the wayside.

You have to find that ” just right Way” to create a paradyme shift in your parents cause their support is critical. Make a deal…no more pot. Tell them to try to understand that school cannot accommodate all kinds of people and your type does not fit the process, it’s not good or bad it’s just the way it is. You need to be a square peg fitting into a square hole. Tell them this is the way it is now. There is no going back and no room for people who can’t embrace the times we live in. It’s no different than an Olympic athlete or foot ball player …like it or not it the times.

If your parents are church goers look for scripture that’s jumps out at you, get on their common ground so you can effectively communicate w them. It’s critical you get them on board. I’m a Christian and my beliefs and cultural background got in the way. I regret fighting my daughter do long and admire her strength, courage, steadfast trying trying trying to convince me. I will always love her for patiently trying. I’m ashamed I was so certain I was right. I cost her years of struggle needlessly. My bad. Show your parents this email. I’m asking them to please please trust in you, give you a chance and judge by the fruit. The reviews from 98 people are 4/5 because the good far far outweighs the bad.

Who knows where ADD comes from, it’s environmental for certain, it’s foreign, it’s real, and it can only really be effectively fought by a combination of drugs and parental support.

Please give your child a chance. Parents, what if it was you?