Reply To: Affraid to Pursue treatment.


the two things i find still (at 64 yrs old) make my ADHD symptoms worse are anxiety and self criticism and punishment.I learned and now teach mindfulness – not the sitting for hours kid of meditation but the self compassion and gratitude positive thinking being in the moment kind of mindfulness. Mindfulness helps me notice when I have drifted, when i am stressed and allow me to use breathing to relax and forgive myself for not being perfect but do you know what – no one else is either- and whatever our ADHD struggles are often there are equivalents going on in other people which are invisible to you. Once i recognised that and also that the most judgmental and critical people are the most unhappy ones inside then i stopped worrying about them a lot more than i did before when i always thought it was my fault. YOU can make progress in your career by recognising that you have unique talents just like everybody else and focus on them instead. i have done lot of workshop and lectures and written lots of books and articles on this kind fo approach to life for those with or without ADHD and they do really work.
Mindfulness helps me to reduce anxiety , stay unstressed, return to focus as often as i recognise i have lost it without h punishing myself, feel comfortable being me, accept i cannot get everything right all the time because no one can and just keep starting at the beginning in each moment – or from wherever i left off. Did you know that even people with no ADHD still lose focus and make mistakes – it is true lol. xxxx