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I definitely know what you mean regarding the dangerous driving as my boyfriend has over and over again scared me with his Reckless Style. One thing that gets us into consistent arguments is the use of GPS. He will have his phone’s GPS running which is somewhat glitchy then he will ask me to confirm with my phone’s GPS what his is saying. Keep in mind that his cell phone is in his hand and on the Wheel which is completely illegal in my Province and is typically around a $400 per instance ticket. The distracted driving continues because with two GPS is running he cannot hear either one and when my voice attempts to over-reach the devices then he gets even more distracted and angry. But this is his idea. When I suggest we utilize one device and he only listen to the device and not me repeating what the GPS has just stated he again finds this unacceptable and the arguments begin. He especially does not like it when I mention okay we missed a turn. Because I get rather excited since the GPS has told him and then I remind him once or twice as the signage passes that are off ramp is straight ahead. When he is so distracted that he’s not looking at the signs or following the audio directions he gets very very angry with me after the Mist turn is pointed out. This is very unfair to me. I find it very anxiety-provoking therefore to be in any vehicle with him as my driver. And these are just cases of navigation I could go on and on and on as you have about driving into the sunlight with nearly zero visibility but yet speeding inside a crowded Costco parking lot and more stories that involve putting people In Harm’s Way as well as myself as the passenger. I just have to state that this anxiousness is so hard for a non add individual to overcome in time to relax for an evening out or dinner out or time socializing one on one. I wish there was a better way but he is not a medicated individual and does not attend behavioral Therapies.