Reply To: Do I Really Have ADD?


Hey man, that really sucks. I feel you – I’ve been there several times (multiple stints of academic probation, performance improvement plan at work, singled out for layoff at a previous job).

What you can do in the short term is take those meds, eat protein for breakfast, and try to exercise in the morning before work. Doing those things will hopefully give you a mental boost.

In the long term, look into cognitive behavioral therapy. The pills help you focus, but they cannot undo a lifetime of maladaptive behaviors, anxieties, or self esteem problems. Being on the meds help CBT work (I was put through plenty of therapy in high school, but was too addlebrained for any of it to stick). I was always described as anxious when I was younger, but I don’t have anxiety disorder, I was just constantly anxious because of my mysterious inability to follow through and perform. It gets to you after a while.

PS: started answering a slew of your earlier questions on my laptop (phone posting is annoying), but didn’t finish. I’ll try to get that response up soon.