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Hi I’ve been reading all these posts and I’m literally in shock how all these companies can mess with this formula. I’ve been so naive thinking they all were the same. But the reason I’m here is bc I’ve been on Adderall since the mod/late 90’s. I’m 58 yrs old. My primary doctor retired in June and I thought I’d stop taking it bc I was on it so long but the struggle is real so i finally found a new primary and got my adderall back. I filled the prescription two days ago and I am soooo miserable. The prescription is Dextroamp-Amphetamin 20 mg 2x’s a day… Mfg NORTHSTAR. I figured since I was off it for awhile I’d start off by taking only a half of the 20 ml tablet. I felt like total sh*t all day and night I thought since I had a cup of coffee while waiting for my script to be ready I brought it on myself. Yesterday I took another half and same thing. I was thinking well maybe since I’ve been off it for so long my body has to adjust last night i literally thought I was having a heart attack I even contemplated going to the ER. I have the worst headache behind my head, my chest feels like there a mach truck sitting on it, my face feels like its on fire like a fever and I have no energy or focus. Like what the hell is the sense…I’m so frick’n annoyed right now. I hate calling the new doctor bc I’ve only seen him one time and the first time he gave me a scri[t for Strattera and I called and said I didn’t care for it and would like to get back on the Adderral. Now I have to call and say there’s a problem with. If it was my old doc who I had for 30 yrs I wouldn’t mind. Anyone know what I should do? Do I call the pharmacy? The doctor? or just go another month until I get a new prescription? Thanks for any advice anyone might have.