Reply To: Do I Really Have ADD?


Thanks for your input and thoughts, Jade.

I’m seeing my doc today to talk about meds. Unfortunately, some of the finer points of my diagnosis are going to have to be deprioritized as I found out from my boss yesterday that performance issues have put my job in danger. I had to admit to him that I am having serious problems managing conflicting priorities and rapidly-changing job demands. I had to explicitly admit to my boss that I become unbearably confused and freeze up when presented with conflicting priorities. Who wouldn’t want such a person on their team in this competitive job market?

I’ve got about four days to radically alter the way that I process information and change. Hooray.

Thanks so much to Fluttermind and jadetheeternallyconfused for letting me bounce ideas off them and for letting me know that I’m not alone. This is such an emotionally crushing time for me right now.