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It sounds like you might want to investigate alternatives to traditional school. Middle school is a rough time of transition. Is homeschool an option? Would he be disciplined enough for an online education program? Are there charters near you that focus on tech or an area that would interest him more? I have a 7th grader who isn’t giving me problems about going to school but he’s not actually doing much when he’s there, the school is kind of passing him thru using the “modified work” portion of his IEP to let him skate by so he doesn’t give them any problems, and he’s not really learning anything. I would find out what his real requirements are for middle school to enter high School on track and see what alternatives you have for helping him complete them. I never knew, but at least in our state, middle school kids only need to pass and complete two years of math, two years of ELA, one year of science and one year of social studies to technically meet the requirements to enter high school. Maybe you can find an alternative way for him to meet his requirements while spending the rest of his time taking classes that interest him and start fast tracking him in an area he enjoys and excels in thru online or charter options? Our issues are slightly different I think – my concern is that my son will waste the next 6 years skating by and not really learning much and then be left at 18 with no real direction when he could be spending that time learning about something he’s interested in like tech or performing arts, etc while he fulfills his requirements so that he’s building useful skills instead of going thru the motions. I am a big fan of education, don’t get me wrong. I have a masters degree and think education is key for success in life. But not everyone learns the same and I’m not a fan of the traditional public school model for kids who could be engaging and learning in a different way when there are so many options out there today. For us it’s looking like a hybrid partial day/partial homeschool is our next step (my other son goes to a private school that challenges him in a way that suits him best) so maybe there are alternatives that would work better for your situation. Hang in there. It’s not easy but you’ll find your solution.