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Ahhh I have a theory…

Try taking ONE of the brand-name pills instead of two and see how you feel.

Why? Because the generic you had before was one of the garbage ones (the “alza” pills are the only ones with the proper release mechanism). And because it was a bad one, you probably weren’t getting enough methylphenidate, hence taking the max 72mg. Now that you have the real deal, you are actually getting the full amount of drug releasing when it’s supposed to, which could be why you feel terrible.

When I was trying to find the right dose of Concerta, I tried 54mg and it was AWFUL – I was agitated, anxious, had insomnia, didn’t feel like I was focusing all that well (because I was feeling terrible and not sleeping). Went back to 36mg, where I remain. And then one month, the pharmacy didn’t have the good alza pills, so I got some random generic and it was like I was taking sugar pills.

So yeah, can’t hurt to try just the one pill.