Reply To: Affraid to Pursue treatment.


Thanks for reading my post and I do agree that putting this off is not good. I mean I have been doing that for years just thinking like “forget about it, your okay.”

I just have a hard time because I do t think they will take me seriously. I don’t know what but it’s apart of my shame. Like my job is taking care of other people who need help or can’t help themselves so how then am I the one who needs help?

Sometimes I do feel like if this is ADHD that some how will make me less functional or inadequate to do what I love. I am most likely just over thinking it as I always do.

Anyway, I am actually doing what you said. I am constantly thinking about this and what’s all going on but I have yet to actually write them down. It makes it real so I’m hesitant.

Thanks for your input. I am in contact with a psychiatrist. No appointment yet though.