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Yes I said that to her already. I told her the story that Fluttermind shared in her post in order to help her to see that it isn’t all that bad. It didn’t go well and we both ended the facetime call in tears but not before I said that if she can’t talk to the tutors, then talk to me, get me to go through the workload with her and we can plan and prioritise. I was always good at this part just not the implementation.

I had another email from this same teacher to let me know that she “actually engaged” with her and had a verbal conversation about the answers to this test on Friday. She is now confident because of that, that my daughter will be fine. But I also had to tell her that we are trying and that the appointment to have the script written is coming up and to please understand that we are working to get this corrected.

Because she worked well yesterday and asked to use headphones to drown out the verbal distractions (she wanted to listen to a song she was learning since she missed her voice lesson) and actually got work done on the computer and actually engaged with the teacher and actually apologised for not working well the other day, it just goes to show that she can we just need it to be consistent.

I’m really surprised that the psychologists at school haven’t told the teachers that doodling helps concentration and taking a little break to stretch and move around helps concentration. It doesn’t have to be a “reward” thing, just strategies in getting her to get the work done.

And yes she told me off for going 5 minutes longer than needed on explaining that if she just writes one sentence then takes a breather then writes another sentence and takes a breather, she will still get her essays etc done- yes I get it mum she says.

It is frustrating because all I am getting are complaints and no real action. She had a fantastic teacher last year who really used the strategies like chunking down and homework extensions to help her and her English grade lifted. That woman is a very talented teacher who is off studying her masters this year and when we were talking tutors she immediately popped into my head as someone my daughter knows well and works well with.

We will get there in the end. I know its coming. And I cannot wait.