Reply To: Do I Really Have ADD?


Sorry; I just keep going back and forth on this. I’ve been reading a bunch of articles and watching a bunch of videos on ADD and while I think I definitely exhibit some signs and symptoms, I definitely DON’T have many of them.

For example: I never miss an appointment. In fact, I am almost always early to my appointments. That’s one of the ways that I manage my anxiety.

I usually finish assignments before my classmates/coworkers.

I have no problem whatsoever waiting in lines or in waiting rooms. As I mentioned, I show up early almost everywhere. I just bring a book and I sit and read for anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes as I wait. In fact, I enjoy waiting because it means that I can turn down my anxiety and fears that I am supposed to be somewhere else.

I have no trouble reading long articles.

I have no trouble following instructions on things such as assembling Ikea furniture or installing software.

I can easily run to the store for a couple of things and end up remembering those things. If I need more than a couple of things, I’ll usually make a list and I will return from the store with the things I needed.

I have no trouble listening to others during normal conversations and waiting my turn to talk.

And lastly:
A few years ago, when these symptoms first became problematic for me, my first fear was that I was having some sort of brain issue, early-onset alzheimers, etc. So I went and underwent a day-long battery of neurological testing which included all types of testing. I had no problem spending my whole day answering hours-long batteries of questions or waiting for the doctor between tests. And at the end of all the testing, the doctor reported no memory issues whatsoever, placing me squarely within the normal category of memory functioning as well as at the upper level of intelligence. The only thing the doc noted was elevated levels of anxiety and low self-esteem.

The operating theory at the time seemed to be that the memory issues may have been resulting from my brain having trouble processing new data due to anxiety. BUT it’s also true that I have trouble doing things such as processing verbal lists and verbal sets of instructions even when I am not under any overt anxiety.

I’m just torn: it would be nice to be able to tie up my processing problems neatly with the nice neat bow of adult ADD, but I’m not fully convinced yet.