Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?


Clonidine. Clonidine. Clonidine. It actually makes me feel sleepy. I hate going to sleep. It seems to take forever and I can only think of all the “things I gotta do” instead of focusing on how important sleep is and how much better I feel with a full nights sleep. I never knew this about myself until I started taking clonidine, but I LOVE to go to sleep when I am actually SLEEPY. It’s such a wonderful feeling to surrender to sleepiness as opposed to trying to force your stubborn ADHD brain to turn off. I never realized how much anxiety I had over sleep until I started taking clonidine and all the sleep anxiety went away. Now the only trick left is to TAKE THE DARN THING ON TIME. That part I still have to force. Hahaha, always something, never nothing 😉