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From a male perspective, I was diagnosed at 50, so no treatment until then. Now that I have a better understanding of inattentive ADD, I too have difficulty with irratability in scenarios where I feel almost like an outsider due to having inadequate levels of energy and / or self-esteem. When this happens, I tend to shut-down and stay in the background – which is part of the self-esteem thing. I’ve learned that although I don’t like moving to the background, it does prevent negative interactions with loved ones and friends. The bad part is I often times avoid social settings because of this, which I’m finding is fairly common amongst inattentive ADD’ers. My understanding is that having adequate levels of dopemine and seratonin are the keys to self-esteem and having an even-keel temprement. Achieving that neuro-chemical balance in a person who doesn’t naturally produce those chemicals in the right proportions is vexing at best. Adderal for me has helped quite a lot, so I’m thankful for that, but it does wear off. At this point, if I take anything after noon, then I can’t sleep, so its a double-edged sword going into the later parts of the day. I’m starting to try natural supplements in the PM to try and gain a better solution, but no real good results as yet.