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Hi addgrl,

I can totally relate. I’m super irritable. And I have a history of jealousy, I am ashamed to admit.

I was like this before any meds (I don’t currently take meds because I was recently diagnosed so my doctors and I are trying to figure it all out right now. I tried low dose methylphenidate immediate release, and they helped, but only if I took up to 15 mg every 3-4 hours). The crash does suck.

Were like this before you took the stimulants? Or have you just gotten worse recently since you started taking the meds?

What I have done over the years that works for me (and this isn’t easy, I’m just going to admit this right now), is that I kind of “shut down.” What I mean is, once I feel those strong, negative emotions overtaking me, I kind of just stare straight ahead, make everything fade away into the background, go into “brain fog” so that I don’t register anything anymore, and I tell people to leave me alone while I ride it all out. Sometimes I have to shut myself out from the rest of the world so I can try to relax, do something that interests me, write in my journal, listen to music loudly.

My husband, when I first started doing this with him because I was tired of feeling so jealous and hurt for the littlest things, found it really bizarre at first. He’s all about talking through things right away. I need a good hour or two before I get there. To others, I look childish and spiteful, but this is how I cope. I HATE those strong negative emotions. They make me feel so bad and they ruin my mood for the entire day. When I do that, I calm down more quickly than I normally would, and I stop myself from saying really horrible and hurtful things that I regret later.

I don’t know if that’s something you want, or could, try. But I find that it does help to just try to dissociate almost completely from the the environment. Those negative feelings really suck, I feel for you. I hope your doctor helps you figure this out really soon.

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