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I can relate to your story so much! When I found out I had ADHD I was had an instant, “Oh now it all makes sense” moment.

I did very well in school until JR High where organization and studying start to become important. I dropped out of high school and got my GED without cracking a book. I tried college but it was a disaster. I made many terrible choices, ended up pregnant at 19 and was fired from many jobs. Finally at age 22 I was diagnosed with ADHD. At 23 I got my life together and was back in school but still had issues. I hadn’t sought accommodations and thought my Ritalin was enough to help me. After a semester and not doing well I dropped out again. I got married and had another child. While all this was going on I was unmedicated and worked hard to understand and figure out my ADHD. I listened to podcasts, read articles and tried many different strategies. This past year I returned to college and now have a 4.0. There have been issues with my medications and I have had to try different things and find a doctor who is compassionate and helpful. Ritalin was hit or miss for me and the generics can vary in efficacy. I use my accommodations and give myself breaks when I make mistakes or have a whirlwind of chaos. Learning about my ADHD and finding a good doctor have been the keys for me. I’ve tried specialists and psychiatrists but ended up with my family practice doctor managing my medications and this has been the most successful.

When it comes to social relations, I am a total weirdo. I tend to over talk or under talk, interrupt, make bizarre connections and repel people from me. It used to hurt when I felt like a loner. Nowadays I don’t let it bother me. I understand that I’m different and people don’t always get me. I love my ADHD brain but I used to hate it! I see things others don’t and I love what my thoughts are capable of. There is still so much misunderstanding about ADHD and stigma attached to it. I’ve honestly had classmates say they wish they had ADHD so they could take tests in a quiet setting.

Medicating ADHD is a process. Try to be patient and remember that you are not alone. Relay any and all issues with your doctor. Welcome and I wish you success in your bright future.