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Sam k

Here are the difficulties I have on a daily basis, had them all my life and gotten worse with age.

Excessive day dreaming
Zoning out
Talking to myself
Bouts of anxiety and depression
Negative thoughts
mood swings anger, rage , jealousy

Black and white thinking (splitting/ extreme indecisiveness

Inability to cope with stress – everyday interactions and activities make me stressed

Digestive problems
Low libido

Althoguh I am not a people person I am still a people pleaser in person but can be quite two faced (I have to be honest here )

More likely to have a slanging match via text than a face to face confrontation .

Tend to avoid social situations

Aggressive as I don’t know how to assert myself- burn bridges over perceived slight

Can’t concentrate, distracted easily, low threshold for boredom

Extremely restless

Take things the wrong way, Mis read texts, misunderstand simple things

Feel disorientated and confused especially when out of the home

I stare at people for some reason🤦‍♀️ I am always looking a round at everyonE and notice every little thing

Extremely low self esteem, lack confidence, hate myself most days

Feel inferior and inadequate

Can’t get things done, no matter how hard I try
If I try to read never get past the first page, haven’t read a book since I was a teen, words don’t sink in. Cognition is impaired. University was extremely stressful

Every day life is extremely stressful

Hate being told what to do makes me mad

Hormonal changes make me worse,mensturation and pregnancy very difficult, it makes all the symptoms worse

Living a simple life helps me,I only interact with people when I have to, it’s not the way I want to be though, want to be a sociable, go getter, trail blazer the adhd doesn’t allow me to☹️

I can’t be the wife or mother I want to be.
It’s devastating and what gets me is very few people understand adhd, I don’t feel comfortable talking to people about it. I need to find a support group

I have the ability to earn a very good salary working for someone else but I am working from home and earning a pittance. In the past I have applied for jobs below my skill level

I always felt hemmed in at work (beofre self employment) I got pushed around by colleagues

I prefer 1 to 1 interactions

Hate being in a group situation especially with other women and strangers

My current job is part time, weekend and holidays so I have week days to do absolutely nothing! A lot of time is wasted procrastinating, talking to myself whilst pacing all over the house

One thing you can do to manage your everyday living is to SIMPLIFY your life, cut out unnecesary contact with people on media, if viable reduce your work hours, make lists, keep a diary, delegate jobs to your family so you aren’t trying to do everything yourself, learn to say NO to others. Eat a healthy balanced diet,get to bed on time, leave your phone outside your bedroom on the landing, so you aren’t tempted to surf the net at night, reduce or cut our added sugars and caffeine, if you have any vitamin deficiencies, take a supplement, exercise, find a green space (garden, park, hiking trail) calms your mind

On a sheet of paper draw a line down centre, in 1 column write all the things which make your symptoms worse and in the other everything that makes you feel better
Hope this all helps