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I was prescribed this. Also as a forward, I was diagnosed in January and took Vyvanse last month. My doctor had a free trial card for it. I noticed a huge positive improvement on Vyvanse. My insurance wouldn’t cover it, and the discount programs Vyvanse offers only took the price to $230, which is out of my price range. So my doctor prescribed Adderall XR, and the pharmacy gave me the generic by Impax Generics.

He prescribed 15mg. On the first day, I literally felt like I’d worked the worst possible shift ever at my previous management job. Like, I’d broken up a fight, gotten robbed at gun point during a tornado warning with the storm barreling down on the store and trying to mentally process what to do fast enough. I noticed no benefit to focus, just extreme jitters, racing heartbeat, chest pains, and extreme near panic-attack levels of anxiety.

My doctor said to take half a capsule. While the anxiety is gone, and some of the brain fog goes away, it’s just not very effective for focus. I can get a little done during the day, but I’m still hopping from thing to thing. Still feeling inner restlessness. I just feel like I’d drank a few strong coffees. The only benefit is that it does curb my appetite, but only until it wears off. Then I just want to eat everything.

I might as well take a placebo and then I wouldn’t feel like my heart was beating out of my chest.