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No! You most definitely are not alone. (Hug)
I too want to be happy comfortable and carefree to do what I want when I want.
But unfortunately this world doesn’t understand us, please forgive me I don’t mean to upset you in any way, but with my experiences getting diagnosed was a relief at first, getting meds was great at first.
At first when I got my diagnosis of A.D.H.D. inattentive type I was relieved, I now had actual legitimate proof of why I’m different from everyone.
Unfortunately because of ignorance and misinformation, I am afraid of letting anyone know I’m A.D.D. I was using a calculator for some simple(for everyone but me) math, and a man verbally attacked me when I explained I have A.D.D. and math is very difficult for me, among many other things.
Yes medication is effective for me up to a point, but because I don’t have anyone that’s understanding to help me, I have more and better focus, But without help I still get bored, distracted and sidetracked, It just takes longer before it happens.
I have to put on a persona at work and around family (which can get very difficult) because I can get very emotional, I don’t think I’m immature but I can be extremely childish which is embarrassing. I also have to hide some of what I enjoy like magna, anime, cartoons, drawing fan art and reading and writing fan fiction, because no one understands.
Sorry if I’ve rambled and now off topic, so I’ll stop here because I’m not good at writing either, and my mind starts to wander, you know, A.D.D.