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Yes! I had been on adderall generics for a year or so with Teva and at the time, Barr. I always noticed when the mfg changed. I always contacted the mfg and was run thru the mill! Aurobindo is in Africa and it’s the worse generic ever! Teva was good, but gone way downhill. A few years ago Corepharma was horrible, but then I get one from Teva and it sucked, and then Corepharma was good! My research is that the additives are all the same from mfg to mfg, BUT, the generics (the FDA denies this but it’s TRUE) active ingredient can be 10 – 20% off from the name brand. WHAAAAAAAT?? THAT is messed up! I also read that you can request your pharmacy to NOT order from certain mfg’s but my pharmD said noway…they take what they can get. I think that’s a bunch of bull because I use the goodrx card and no pharmacy allows it on controlled substances any more so Sav-On is the last one I know of and they have no control over who they get orders from. Sometimes, they really want to fill my order and they I will get bottles of different mfg’s. NOW…I am using Northstar and it really is bad. I think the Russians are out to kill us! lol