Reply To: It started with phentermine



I actually DID experience that calming, focused effect. But I also experienced the insomnia at night and eventually started to be anxious and fidgety when on Phentermine.

I have been on and off of Phentermine for YEARS. Weight has always been a challenge and I first started taking it for that, but soon realized that when on it, I had a different kind of energy…kind of like an energized focus. It didn’t make me bounce off walls or anything, but it somehow gave the the energy and focus needed for me to get through my day with the kind of energy, focus, and drive that I had been lacking before. Eventually, I found that it started making me feel anxious and unable to relax.

When I stopped taking it, I found that I was almost dysfunctional and unable to summon the energy and focus that I had both when taking the Phentermine and even before taking the Phentermine. It’s as if I ended up with even less energy, focus, and drive than before I even started the meds. I thought it was a dependency that I had developed, but after some soul searching, realized two things:

1) the reason I continued with Phentermine was not for weight loss, but for that energy and focus.
2) I’ve had issues with attention, task completion, punctuality, paperwork (literally, anything that involves completion and submission of paperwork), memory, as well as a severe emotional sensitivity to anything I deemed as “negative perspectives or vibes” being directed at me and some of the most severe negative feelings I’ve ever witnessed. (Based on comments from childhood friends, adults, and teachers, as well as from current/recent colleagues, bosses, and loved ones, my emotional responses tend to be on the more extreme side. I’ve also dealt with what I was repeatedly told was “anxiety and depression,” but now see it’s situational and correlates with my ability to focus and be productive).

Since accepting this realization, I’ve discussed it with both of my therapists, stopped taking Phentermine, and have seen a doctor who not only listened without judgment, but responded with prescribing Adderall. I’ve found that the Adderall definitely helps me focus and makes me much less fidgety than the Phentermine did. I feel driven and have a productive energy, not an anxious, almost uncontrollable energy. As long as I get the timing right, I don’t notice many issues with insomnia…but we’ll see if that changes.

Hope my experience helps and that you find something that works for you. Remember… we’re all different, so there’s not a “magic” answer. Sometimes, we need to do some trial and error to figure out what works best.

Best wishes and good luck!