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Hi I don’t have any experience with Adderall but, I was recently in with my psychiatrist who really went in to great depth with me on all of my medication options for my adhd. He spoke about adderall for several minutes and when he was listing the cons to adderall he stated EXACTLY what you’re having a problem with. He told me that it’s common to experience “peaks and valleys” with adderall as it’s more of a short acting medication. Which he said is very helpful for some and not so much for others. With me personally our goal was to keep me medicated through out the entire day with as small a dose as possible so he started me on Concerta, which is an extended release form of ritalin. I have to take it very early because it lasts so long it can keep you up late. So I usually take it about 8 am, but with this medication as my doctor stated its more of a “steady incline and decrease” so it’s a subtle all day effect. Quite honestly while the “all day effect” has been nice, it doesn’t exactly work as well as I’d hoped it would, but I can feel it taking effect now that its been a couple weeks. So I may increase my dose and see how it goes. ANYWAY, lol I hope me sharing my personal experience helps you a bit on figuring out on what’s best for you. This medication thing is hard right? I can’t wait until I’m on the exact right dose so I can start improving my life.