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Hi, I’m also an adult women recently diagnosed with adult adhd, Sense of direction is a huge one for me too! I get nervous having to go somewhere new, I always try to account for “getting lost” time but since I am almost always running late that doesn’t really work out. I very very commonly will walk out of a store and just walk the complete wrong direction and I usually don’t realize it for several minutes, I also will miss exits on the freeway, etc etc.. It drives my husband crazy because he always feels like he has to reign me in like a toddler that roams off hahah, he tries to correct me and point me the right way constantly. Personally I feel like this is a massive side effect of being the “day dreamy/zoning out” type which is common in women it seems. A coping mechanism I use personally is google maps, when ever I am driving I turn it on, no matter what, even if I know where I am going, because the voice reminds me to get off at exits etc, it helps me from zoning out and driving off in to never never land.

With the sleep thing, I can’t relate, I am a restless sleeper which I think can also be a problem with ADHD so I don’t sleep through the night, which causes me to be VERY fatigued through out the day. But now that I am on medication I can relate more to what you’re experiencing and I’ve found really hot showers right before bed can help wind me down. Just a thought. 🙂

PS. funny side story, I lived in Chicago for a short time and would commonly take the metra, well I wasn’t paying attention once and ended up accidently taking the train from downtown Chicago all the way to Indiana because by the time I realized I was on the wrong train (10 minutes in) there wasn’t another stop for quite a while! All you can do is laugh it off and try to be better.