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Maybe you can ask your doctor to write you a prescription for vyvanse or some other medication that possibly can treat your add in the meantime. I’ve done that. My insurance company did talk to my doctor about me possibly hoarding my pills, which I wasn’t. It may be a good time to experiment to see if other medications can provide some relief. I am 41 and have been taking medication for 4 years. Caffeine with L-theanine might be something OTC you can try. I know its difficult without medication.I struggled with irritability, restlessness, and anger for 30 years before I found relief. I have taken drug holidays and being off medication, ineffective medication, and medication tolerance can turn your world upside down.

I have a really good psychiatrist. Her husband and daughter have add and I think it gives her a better understanding of the patient/medication relationship. I am very fortunate.

I am confident things will work out for you.