Reply To: Adderall and Moodiness?


I know this is an old post, but I felt to put an input on this topic.
My name is Samantha I am 19 years old. I take Adderall 20mg. I won’t go into my full personal business with why i take it even though i dont have ADHD. It just helps me be more organized when i am really stressed out. Like everythings all over the place. Instead of taking forever with things due to it being all over the place due to it being SO STRESSFUL, in one day i get things done in a few hours. I take it RARE. I dont have adhd but i was given it to help with that. Just helps. But when i take it. Its the worst few days or week(s) of my life :(.

I prepare myself for the day. I say to myself “you know, this is normal, control yourself. its the pill. you know the out come. it is scary but you got this. calm down. make yourself not get in the low. not get angry. not too happy. breath”
helps a bit but its so much work.

To people who dont have ADHD and take the pill
to people who do have adhd and take the pill but rarely because they can handle their adhd
to people who do have adhd and need the pill to help and take it.

they all get terrible mood swings. its scary. they just need to learn to control the swings.